Enterprise Web Applications

Our Approach

Clear Communication and Support

We pride ourselves on cultivating clear and congenial understandings with our clients about their needs and following that with individualized, hands-on support. It's true; not everyone is or wants to be a technologist, and that's great! You go on being terrific at what you do, and we'll be your plain-spoken geeks who get the job done.

Stability, Stability, Stability

Triskele Media's clients require a lot from their technology, and we're keenly aware that our applications need to accomplish specific goals, usually supporting levels of complexity behind the scenes while providing intuitive and successful experiences to end users. We take care and pride in engineering solutions that make sense, which are comfortable for our clients to use and which require as little maintenance as possible while remaining fortified against misuse.

Cutting Edge, Not Bleeding Edge

We’re geeks, and we love playing with all the latest technologies, but we curb that enthusiasm when working on client-initiated projects. Cutting edge technology is great until it hacks into the bottom line. In our case, that line is the final deliverable, which we take pains to ensure is a stable, up-to-date and maintainable product that doesn’t rely on insufficiently proven technologies.

Functionality, Beauty and Intuitive Design

A functional web site is purposeless if people won't use it, and few will use an ugly site. That's just the way it is. People won't use a non-intuitive web site either, even if it's both functional and beautiful. At Triskele Media, we understand that your online presence is about much more than obligation: It's about making a powerful statement to support your organization's mission, about being strongest in the place where most of your customers live and about making sure that your limited resources are used to help grow your organization's visibility and reach. We'll help you plan, create, and promote functional, beautiful, intuitive web sites that foster fans, growth, and success.


We endeavor to bring a grounded, personable sensibility to our work and to meet our clients' needs with cheerful flexibility and grace. Having said that, there are things we feel strongly about, and because we stand for them, our business stands for them as well.

Triskele Media is a vegan-owned and operated company. So if you represent an organization that campaigns for the welfare of animals and/or advocates the vegan lifestyle, let's talk. We value you, and we'd love the opportunity to show it with a discounted rate for our services. In addition, you may submit a request for proposal outlining the work you do on behalf of animals and/or the vegan lifestyle and how Triskele Media can help you accomplish that work more efficiently. We can only accept these requests on a limited basis, but if yours is extraordinary, our work for you might be pro bono.

On the other hand, if your primary business includes any of the following, we're not the right partner for you:

  • animal agriculture, fisheries, meat and dairy or the use of animals for food
  • leather, fur, wool or the use of animals for clothing
  • hunting, fishing, racing or the use of animals for sport
  • circuses, zoos or the use of animals for entertainment
  • testing, experimentation or the use of animals for research

We don't mean to sound judgmental; after all, business is business. But some things are more important than work or money, and taking a stand for animals and for the planet goes a long way to helping us sleep at night.

Our Team

Ceallaigh S. MacCath-Moran
Principal · Project Manager · Designer

Ceallaigh is a Project Manager and Designer with over five years' experience in web-based projects ranging from medical support to online art galleries to language and cultural initiatives. Further, she is an author with a long string of publishing credits, and she brings her critical editorial eye to all of the projects we undertake.


Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran
Principal · Senior Developer

Sean is a Programmer Analyst and Zend Certified PHP Engineer with over a decade of enterprise level development experience in a variety of languages, databases and technologies. He has honed his "Web 2.0" application development capabilities, in particular in OO JS frameworks such as jQuery and ExtJS, and in CMSs such as Drupal and WordPress.